Truck Driver Shortage: Increasing Pay

January 21, 2020

High Demand For Professional Truck Drivers Leads to increasing pay and training options for new drivers to enter the Trucking Industry.

Henderson, Colorado: Professional Truck Drivers and Aircraft Pilots alike - operating a Commercial Motor Vehicle is a tasking and hi-risk career. At Excel Driver Services, we have always had the Driver's best interest in mind. Our Excellent Driver Learning Programs are recognized nationwide by the largest carriers, which at the end of the day helps our students get better jobs.

In 2018, it was reported from the American Trucking Association (ATA) that 60,000 Driver Jobs could be filled. That Number is expected to double by 2028 with a demand for 120,000+ Truck Driver Jobs.

The Truck Driving Industry, much like the Air-transportation Industry is expected to become more automated to help address the shortage of vehicle operators on the road. Meaning that acute driver skills will be needed in the future moving forward.

At Excel Driver Services, we are focusing on using Simulation Training to practice acute driving skills in a risk-free environment. This produces a driver with a better skillset and overall confidence on the road.

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