Simulation Training for Motor Vehicle Shutdown

March 20, 2020

Motor Vehicle Shutdown issues addressed by Simulation Training for CDL Drivers without a CLP durring COVID-19 Pandemic.

Henderson, Colorado: On March 12th, Denver Motor Vehicle was shutdown. by the end of the following week 3/20/20 all motor vehicle offices followed the shutdown.

Aside from obvious issues like renewing your license plates, there will be no CDL Permits (CLPs) issued resulting in added stresses for the Truck Driver Shortage. Read more about issues Driving The Drivers Out Of Driving.

With projections of non-essential business shutdown ranging from early to mid April, Truck Drivers entering the market may come to a cease.

For students who want to take advantage of their time off, Excel Driver Servies offers a Sanitary learning environment where students without a CLP can train Commercial Motor Vehicle Driving and Backing In simulation.

For students who enroll in any Basic Novice CDL Course, wou can also expect to get hands on backing training on our facilities.

Pre-trip training will also be instructor led- and we will be able to offer you our exclusive pre-trip study guides guides.