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Over 130,000+ trained drivers and counting

CDL Training

We offer Behind-the-wheel training classes for Class A, Class B, Passenger and School Bus vehicles. Learn to drive on the public road, and back the vehicle on the range.

CDL Testing

Schedule a CDL Test in our vehicle or yours for Class A, Class B, Passenger and School Bus vehicles.

Virtual Reality Pre-trip Training

Pre-trip your vehicle at home, in virtual reality, or in our computer lab until you are confident passing the test. 

TPR Certified Training Provider

Theory, Behind-the-wheel and CDL Testing

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Our Story

Brief history of EDS

The founders began the journey in 1996 with a mission to train drivers at all levels specific to industry demands. In 1998, they pioneered integration of virtual-reality simulation into training activities that presented advanced learning to trainees in a learning environment. After partnering with leading simulation manufacturers, they separated ties and began Excel Driver Services in 2001.

Our experience is a testament to our success in the training of over 130,000 drivers since 2001. The knowledge of research conducted in diverse conditions has enabled us to diversify from standard hands-on and lecture trainings to new online and simulation training programs. We integrate curriculum throughout our different branches of operation which include training, manufacturing of advanced training equipment through Sim-Tech, and reporting through Drive Prodigy™. The result is a seamless integration to our students as well as our corporate clientele.

Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) Provider

ELDT License Classes

Class A

Students who enroll in Excel Driver Services CDL Training Classes enjoy the added-benefit of the Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) programs (a $200 – $500 value)

Class B

ELDT Endorsements



School Bus

The Excel Divisions

Our experience training over 130,000 drivers since 1998 is a testament to our training programs. Our training programs have grown from standard hands-on and lecture trainings – to now include online and simulation training in our curriculums from our divisions. Our Sim-Tech Division manufactures driving simulators for the US Military, Schools, and Commercial Customers. The once “lecture-only” classes that we have taught since 2001, are now offered as self-paced Online Courses. 

Driver Services

Drive Prodigy

Simulation Technology

Our CDL Training programs are designed to be both affordable in terms of money and time, allowing students to graduate quickly to start their high-paying career. All Excel Driver Services CDL Training Programs cover the FMCSA training requirements and offer in-depth Behind-the-wheel (BTW) drive time, Backing training, Vehicle Inspection, ELDT Theory, logs, ELD, Mountain driving, weight stations, ports of entry and more. For program accuracy, we employ the industry leading driving simulators provided by Simulation Technology and hands-on training data analysis tools provided by Drive Prodigy to improve the training experience of the student and results for our customers.

CDL Training & TestingSpecialty Services

The only resource, tool and access point you need while enrolled in training. Drive Prodigy Analyzes self paced learning programs, Hands-on training and Simulation training scores on an intuitive dashboard to study your Areas of Improvement (AOIs) during training. While enrolled in training, track the progress of your classwork, review Hands-on training instructor comments, access self-paced learning materials, and enter a virtual reality training environment to train without consequences!

ResearchTraining Curriculums

The leader of world-class, innovative driver simulators. Our development in training programs to complement our systems provide a user experience that is unparalleled. Add our training concepts and data system, and you have a complete training process in one form. Train drivers from entry-level to advanced, and awaken instinctive driver behavior that enables constant journey management safety to drivers. We believe in “Building Drivers,” not just delivering hardware.

Virtual Reality TrainingDriving Simulators
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Excel Driver Services, in collaboration with Sim-Tech and Drive Prodigy, provide an advanced holistic training experience. Simulators offer a realistic and safe environment for drivers to practice various scenarios, while Drive Prodigy’s online training software enhances knowledge and skills through interactive modules. This combination ensures drivers receive a well-rounded training program.