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Hourly Training

For drivers whom are TPR certified for (I) Theory, (II) Road, and (III) Range, We offer additional 1-on-1 hourly training with our Certified CDL Instructors to work specifically on areas you would like to improve before your CDL Test

Hourly Training Includes

  • 1-on-1 training with a CDL Instructor
  • Pre-trip, Backing and/or Driving Training as requested
  • Simulator Training as requested
  • Area of improvement (AOI) comments from your CDL Instructor
  • Online student account

Benchmark Training and Testing

For specific drivers whom have trained at other accredited CDL schools or practiced driving on-the-job with one of our approved employers, we offer a complete mock CDL Test (Benchmark Testing). If you successfully pass the CDL Benchmark with the minimum training and testing requirements, you will meet the TPR requirements for Road and Range, and you will be eligible to take your CDL Test. Please note there is no guarantee of passing the Benchmark Test.

Our Benchmark Program Includes

  • Mock CDL Test
  • 1-on-1 training / testing with a CDL Instructor
  • Area of Improvement (AOI) comments from your CDL instructor on where you need to study before the CDL Test
  • Online student account


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