Hourly Training

Intended Audience

*available to corporate clients
For new drivers who need additional 1-on-1 training before a CDL test, or existing CDL drivers whom require area of improvement (AOI) specific training

Hourly Training

Excel Driver Services offers hourly training before a CDL test, or for drivers whom need area of improvement (AOI) specific trainings. Hourly training is designed to prepare individuals for the acquisition of a Commercial Driver’s License or refresh driving skills. This comprehensive training covers essential topics – specific to the driver – such as vehicle operation, safety regulations, maneuvering techniques, and defensive driving skills. It includes both classroom instruction and hands-on training behind the wheel of large vehicles, such as tractor-trailers. It is broken down into Classroom, Lab, Range, and Highway & Street hours.

Training Requirements

  • Proper Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) Certification
  • Verifiable training hours
  • Valid CDL Permit
  • Valid DOT Physical
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CDL Jobs

CDL Drivers are qualified to operate a wide range of commercial vehicles, opening up opportunities for careers in transportation, logistics, and various other industries.