Our Expertise

Our expertise is also our number one goal, to give each person we train the best chance to EXCEL in their line of work. As such, EDS serves its Alumni as the central resource for meeting all safety training needs.

We offer our customers an excellent resource for Federal and State compliance. Above all, we seek excellence in addressing your needs when they arise, where they arise, by coaching our Alumni to work in a zero-incident corporate culture.


From day one, Excel Driver Services has valued safety above all. We have successfully trained over 110,000 personnel across the United States, which has allowed us to become the leader in Innovation and Quality for driver training. We offer a unique blend of instinctive, interactive simulation training & effective hands-on instinctive training. Our Integrated Communication Platform is focused on building a culture amongst your team and fleet.

We don’t cut the corners in our training programs (no pun intended) and our services are offered at either our location or yours. For any project large or small, EDS strives to fulfill the needs of our customers with intense, interactive training, which is employed on a consistent basis.


In the fast-paced environment of driver and employee training, we will always strive to be at the forefront of customer service & effective safety programs. We commit 110% dedicated customer support and exclusive security for your teams’ peace of mind.

At Excel, we believe that effective training is built on three pillars: Organization Unity & Respect. With these three pillars, we are able to capture a community of Drivers through time-effective Learning Programs that meet the needs of each individual driver. With backgrounds in Food Service, Oil-field, Fire/EMS, Law Enforcement, Military, Transportation & Logistics Industries, we’re able to specialize our training to meet your specific training needs. Excel utilizes the most sophisticated technology and behavior-based methods in the industry. Our Driver Safety Risk Indexing Score works with customers to track progress through continual evaluation of driver behaviors.

In-house Simulation Design – Excel Learning Paths are designed to gather and process driver behavior information that is used to “Coach bad habits into life-long & instinctive skills.” We develop training techniques and employ different training elements that are required for a comprehensive training program. Programs change the mindset of our students to always meet and exceed customer’s driver training needs. Our traditional Hands-on Training experience over the last 17 years has allowed us to create a combination of Interactive Virtual Reality Learning Programs & Incident Preventing Driver Simulations, specific for each driver to practice:

  • Hands-on Pre-Trip
  • Confident Backing Techniques
  • Shifting & Turning Maneuver

We Have Advanced Training Tools –For more immediate driver response, try a mix of Simulation & Live training on our Vehicle Skid prevention platform. Skid Truck can be utilized in advanced instructor-led training for rollover prevention, incidental weather prevention techniques & off-road driver training. This program trains intermediate-advanced drivers a higher level of performance.

“Alumni of this program agree that the costs of training are much lower than the costs of an accident or the loss of a loved one.”

Driver Specific Learning Paths – Excel has historically sanctioned specific customer problems with custom-designed behavior-based programs to solve problems and help your employees achieve success. With our extensive industry background, we’re able to specialize training to meet each driver’s specific needs. Excel utilizes the most sophisticated technology and behavior-based methods in the industry. Our Driver Safety Risk Indexing Score works for drivers to track progress through continual evaluation of driver behaviors.

We are Mobile – Excel has full capability to travel to customer locations and train on-site. Training costs are reduced using this method when needing training for multiple personnel.

We Believe in Strong Customer Support – Support is provided to both corporate and private clients. We will keep you up on training activity, scheduling, and critical information as it arises.We will produce data in a timely manner, and we will work hard to bring key items to attention for all customers.

We Connect Drivers & Carriers for the perfect career placement. We create files and statistics on students who have been trained and evaluated through Excel Driver Services. We create profiles on drivers for an efficient review of their skills, allowing you to better place that employee within your company. (Qualified employees are less likely be in an accident when placed in their most qualified position).